Business Banking

Business Banking

Again the bank does not finance structures on Swazi Nation Land unless the loan is secured by immovable property. The equipment is also used as security.
Farmers must submit business proposals proving viability of such businesses and these businesses require a trading licence

General Requirements

  • Applicants must be Swazi citizens and at least 18 years old.
  • Companies or cooperatives must be legally registered in Swaziland.
  • Must conduct banking with SwaziBank
  • Submission of a technically and commercially viable agribusiness proposal.
  • Possess acceptable collateral.
  • Legal rights to use land and water where applicable.
  • Letters of confirmation of markets and sources of supply.

Farming in any dimension is the mainstay of any healthy economy hence the reason SwaziBank fully supports commercial agriculture. The bank has unmatched technical expertise and experience in the field. The agribusiness finance of SwaziBank offers the following agricultural products.

  • Farm purchase
  • Sugarcane farming
  • Field crops & vegetable production
  • Dairy farming
  • Poultry production
  • Piggery production
  • Feedlot farming
  • Agro-processing

Farm purchase

This is a long term facility up to 7 years where the bank finances any viable project which qualifies purchasing of a Title Deed Land. The farm must be evaluated and a valid deed of sale must be submitted. Proof of ownership of the seller is also required. A farm can only be purchased if the intended project is viable.

Sugarcane farming

A larger percentage of smallholder sugarcane schemes locally are financed by the bank. Seasonal, medium to long-term finance is available for sugarcane farmers. Projects may be existing but require working capital; they may require area expansion or general start ups. Individuals or companies must obtain sucrose quota, water right and proof of ownership of the land.

Field crops & vegetable farming

Finance on field crops is usually a medium term facility up to 3 years where finance is rendered to both Swazi Nation Land and Title Deed Land. Crops to be produced must have a steady market and business plans must be submitted with viable projects. Water for irrigation is a necessity for field crops and vegetable farming.

Dairy farming

Finance is provided for purchase of dairy cows, equipment and working capital. Similarly to all livestock enterprises, the structure on Swazi Nation Land is not financed unless immovable security is provided. The structure is financed on Title Deed Land where the farm is used as a mortgage bond to the bank. Reliable markets with viable business proposals are essential for loan approval.

Poultry production

Finance on poultry production is for equipment, stock, and working capital. Poultry sheds are not financed on Swazi Nation Land but can be financed on Title Deed Land. Again a reliable market with a viable business plan is required

Piggery production

The bank also provides finance on piggery production similarly to poultry. Finance is provided for stock, equipment and working capital. The structure is only financed on Title Deed Land not on Swazi Nation Land unless there is property used as security.

Feedlot farming

This is another product financed by the agribusiness unit. The financed items are similar to piggery production. Further to that, farmers must be members of the Feedlot Association. There should be proof of supply of stock from reliable producers to ensure sustainability of the project.


Agro-processing entails maize roller mills, hammer mills, abattoirs, etc. These processing machineries are financed on areas where there is great potential for maximum usage. The structure housing the equipment can either be on Swazi Nation Land or Title Deed Land